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Calendar of Forthcoming Events

The B.B.Zeitlyn Trust is pleased to be able to advertise details of forthcoming events to be held in East Anglia that may be of interest to psychotherapists, people who are training or planning to train in psychotherapy, and more widely to those involved in the caring professions.

If you are planning an event and would like to publish details on the Zeitlyn website, please send your virus-free text by email to timfox.gamages@dsl.pipex.com


Saturday 17 March 2018

The B.B.Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund

Who do we think we are?  The myth of the individual mind

Speaker: Dr Sarah Sutton

21st century neuroscience validates the insights of psychoanalytic thinkers and offers a neurobiological rationale for key ideas such as transference and the establishing of the internal world, based on the formative nature of relational experience. It becomes increasingly untenable to think of minds as an individual possession, each of us in the driving seat of our own little self vehicle (Eagleman, 2011).  Yet as a society, we tend not to acknowledge this. The myth of the individual mind holds sway.

Here, I challenge this myth and show it obscures the relational context. Gene research (Rose, 2016) has made nonsense of the idea that there is a ‘gene for’ any particular human characteristic. We are in fact social animals, in continual emotional and neurobiological call and response with the people around us. This makes evolutionary sense. We are born ready to adapt to the social and cultural norms of the world in which we find ourselves, and this adaptation sets our navigational course, informing the story of our lives.

We will look at research on how the relational frames identity and then consider the psychoanalytic concepts of transference, mourning and melancholia and resistance in this light, drawing on clinical material.  I will also touch on group dynamics, the question of assumed identities and a growing body of longitudinal research which suggests that mental health disturbance arises from disturbing relational experience

Sarah Sutton is a director of the Learning Studio, which offers support for creative development at work.  She is the founder of Understanding Children, which offers supervision and work discussion for people working with troubled families.  She acts as an expert witness for court and teaches on Tavistock psychoanalytic  studies and infant mental health programmes.

Venue: In the Friends’ Meeting House
               (next door to 69A) High Street, Saffron Walden CB10 1AA

Time :   11.30am - 2.30pm
              Registration and coffee from 11.00 am

Cost is £50 which includes coffee and lunch

For an application form to book a place click here

Early booking is recommended as places are limited


Saturday 24 March 2018

Society of Analytical Psychology

Patients assessing analysts, analysts assessing themselves. A dissociated patient with terrorist defences

Speaker: Malcolm Rushton

I have found myself facing terrorising behaviour with a small group of patients at assessment. How will I cope with the psychotic parts of their personalities before they feel safe to trust me and commit to analysis? Will I be like their ;unyielding, terror-inducing mothers, or can I address unresolved areas of my own psyche which would serve to facilitate analysis? A capacity for the analyst to change seems central to any change being possible in the patient. With such patients it isn’t more supervision that is needed but more analysis. I would like to describe the experience of an analysis with one such patient. I will add a few thoughts about shamanism, which plays its part in this analysis, and some reflections about terrorism in the wider world, related to what I find in this patient’s presentation.

Malcolm Rushton is an SAP training analyst and works full time in private practice with a variety of deeply traumatised patients. He has an interest in shamanism, and his collection of ancient art with particular reference to shamanism, located in his consulting room, plays a significant part in his work.

Chair: Mary Chadwick
The Friends Meeting House, 91 Hartington Grove, Cambridge CB1 7UB

Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm

Tickets: £25 ; £20 for students or trainees; £12.50 for SAP Members

To book a ticket go to www.thesap.org.uk and click on Events


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