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Calendar of Forthcoming Events

The B B Zeitlyn Trust is pleased to be able to advertise details of forthcoming events to be held in East Anglia that may be of interest to psychotherapists, people who are training or planning to train in psychotherapy, and more widely to those involved in the caring professions.

If you are planning an event and would like to publish details on the Zeitlyn website, please send your virus-free text by email to timfox.gamages@dsl.pipex.com


Saturday 13 June 2020

The B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund


ZOOM MEETING - 11.00 am - 1.15 pm

Displacement and the Search for an Internal and External Home

Speaker: Ali Zarbafi

In this talk I will, through a case study and other examples, explore the relationship between displacement and Home. Home is an internal, private and pre-cognitive space initially in and with mother. Later Home becomes one discovered in language and culture in which mother lives and belongs. In displacement we are unable to realize and express or represent ourselves in a way which feels met by the other. We feel exiled. There is a feeling of distance and alienation. This is a feeling that many refugees and immigrants have as do children who are fostered or in children’s homes.

People feel displaced within and without in different ways.  All experience inside and outside is frighteningly infected in different ways and it is impossible to think in these circumstances.  I will refer to Bollas’ notion of Aesthetic Moment and Shaverien’s ideas around Scapegoat Transference and Jung’s ideas on the Numinous which point to the self being located in an artistic or aesthetic or holy space. These are ideas which point to the location of aliveness, a home, which are transformational and creative but which stand in contrast to a deeper feeling of deadness and absence, banishment.

Ali Zarbafi is an Anglo-Iranian Jungian Analyst and Supervisor and Member of the Society of Analytical Psychology with 30 years’ experience.  He is a founder member of the Multi-lingual Psychotherapy Centre, London.  Ali works in the NHS and private practice. He has written and given talks on trauma, the refugee  experience and social dreaming.  He has co-written, with John Clare, Social Dreaming in the 21stCentury:  The World we are Losing (2009) and co-edited Mother tongues and Other tongues with Shula Wilson (date of publication pending).

Cost:  £30 per person 

Early booking is recommended as places are limited

Further information and an application form


Saturday 27 June 2020

The Society of Analytical Psychology

“Starving the Black Material in my Stomach”
On the Use of Dreams in the Healing Process of Eating Disorders

Speaker:  Yoram Inspector

The sufferers of Eating Disorders are caught in a concrete, mechanical and sterile world in which their self-esteem and worth become solely dependent on their body shape and weight. On the surface life is reduced to soulless repetitive rituals, calorie counting and compulsive weighing, yet, being attuned to the patients’ dreams in the process of psychotherapy might create the gateway to the vital psychic life that exists underneath the surface of the symptoms, allowing access to a dialogue with their deep relational wounds and traumas. I will try to demonstrate how the Jungian approach which believes in the compensatory function of the unconscious can be especially useful in these complex, life threatening disorders.

Yoram Inspector is a consultant psychiatrist and a Jungian analyst. He is a member of the Society of Analytical Psychology and The New Israeli Jungian Association. He has 25 years’ experience in treating Eating Disorders in various clinical settings. For the last 8 years he has been working full time in the NHS at the Psychological Medicine Unit of St Mark’s Hospital which provides psychotherapy for patients who suffer from various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

Chair: Hilary Pounsett

Venue: Cambridge Friends Meeting House,
             Hartington Grove, Cambridge CB1 7UB

Time:   10.00am – 12.30pm

Tickets cost £30 (£24 for trainees and students; £15 for SAP Members)
To book a place please go to www.thesap.org.uk/sap-events/


Saturday 20 March 2021
The East Anglian Psychotherapy Network

'Keeping Risk in Mind'

A whole day conference of presentations and workshops
  (postponed from 21st March 2020)
This conference is open to psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapists and other clinicians whose work brings them into contact with crucial issues of safety and risk.  The day will be structured to allow ample time for discussion of these themes and how we hold such risks in mind, whether we work as individual practitioners or as part of a team.

Why has risk become such an intense preoccupation for clinicians and in the wider political and social context? Thoughts for 2021.

Speakers: Margaret Rustin and Michael Rustin

Anticipating Suicide.

Speaker: Donald Campbell

Venue: The Athenaeum, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1LU.

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm (Coffee, lunch and tea included).

Cost: £75; £50 for psychotherapy trainees.

(Bookings already paid for before April 2020 will be held over for this re-scheduled Conference and no further payment will be required).   

For further information or to reserve a place, please contact Dr Tim Fox timfox.gamages@dsl.pipex.com 


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