Making a Donation

Making a Donation or a Bequest to the B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund. Charity Registration Number 281826.

For almost four decades since its foundation in 1980, The B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund has supported the professional training of psychotherapists who live or work in East Anglia, through the provision of interest-free loans and grants.

Such funding has often made a crucial difference for trainees, enabling them to complete an arduous training that qualifies them to work therapeutically with adults, children and adolescents or with couples. Working in a variety of settings – many in the NHS - their rigorous analytically-based training equips them to help people with often long-standing and deep-seated psychological difficulties and to help repair lives damaged by trauma, adversity or illness.

Over the years, the costs of such intensive training have risen substantially. To keep pace with these growing costs of training, the B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund nowadays provides larger loans – but these inevitably dig deep into the Fund’s reserves.

Ensuring that the Training Fund remains equipped to fulfil its aims for future generations is therefore of central importance.

You can help us to achieve this by making a donation to the B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund, or perhaps by bequeathing some money as a legacy. Help us today to support the training of high-quality psychotherapists for the future.

If you would like to make a donation, please complete and return the accompanying form Making a Donation


To find out how to make a bequest in your will please see How to include the B B Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund in your Will